Travel Products

Stuff. We all need things to travel. And when we forget them at home or forget to purchase an invaluable item before the trip (or maybe it just seems “invaluable” at the moment) it can temporarily spoil that part of your trip. I have many items with which I term “needed.” I hope this list will help you pack or think of items that you hadn’t considered.

Keen Hiking Boots

I loooove my Keens. I’ve had them about 8 years, and they are still going strong. I hiked Machu Picchu in these babies and after long, steep, daily hikes, I still did not want to take them off! Seriously, Keens are the best!

And my husband loves his Keens too. He has worn his everywhere (including doing the lawn, hiking, etc.) for years. He has just purchased a waterproof pair.

A Merino Wool Buff around my neck somehow keeps my whole body warm. It lets air in and out (“breathable”) and keeps you toasty when you need it. I do not go outside in cold weather without my trusty Buff. They’re unisex.

I have been using Nuun hydration for years, as I’m an avid tennis player and workout enthusiast, meaning that I sweat a lot. Nuun is a clean source of electrolytes and has a nice, light taste. Also, it’s super portable so you just pop a tablet into your water and a couple of minutes later you can re-hydrate your body. I like the Citrus Fruit Flavor the best. (Nuun saved my husband’s life on our long hike in Peru. I’m very thankful for this product!) For real. You always hear “layer up” to keep warm. I never quite understood that until a friend gave me a 32 Degree base layer. It’s super thin and light but somehow does the job. Thin enough to wear under sweaters and sweatshirts but doesn’t make you sweat – just keeps your core temperature as it should be. Costco often has good deals on 32 degree base layers in the fall and winter.

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