Travel Links

Travel links to get you where you’re going and quick.

Below are great travel websites! I love all these travel websites, and I’ve put them in order of my favorites:

  • is my favorite travel website. I’ve been using them for years and get rewarded (“free” hotel night after 10 stays) which is super exciting for me. I’ve used all over the world for not only hotels but for stays in apartments and condos too. The customer service is top-notch and always willing to help. The cancellation policy is for real – usually it’s the night before and -zip- the money is right back into my account without any issues.
  • This is an awesome site for booking homes anywhere in the world. Their website is easy to use and communication by VRBO is excellent. The total price is on the preview listing page as well as the starred rating. I’ve been using VRBO for years with no issues at all even when needing to rebook during quarantine in 2020.
  • I’ve been using Orbitz since they began in 2001, and I’ve never had any problems. They are reliable and sometimes have better deals than all the other travel websites. It’s especially great for a multi-city trip. You get a very large discount for booking flight and car together.
  • I use often as it is a one-stop shop and the website is easy to use. Plus has a fun page where you can put in some parameters (e.g., beach vs. city, hot vs. cold) to narrow down your place of escape. There’s a last minute deals page too. And a student travel hub which shows discounts for college students.
  • Travelocity This website has been around a long time with a good reputation. The website is clean, easy to use and offers every type of reservation you need for travel. I’ve used them for years with no issues at all.
  • AirFare Watchdog Find the top fares from your location or to anywhere (which is fun – to see where you can go on the cheap), compares fares from the biggest travel websites, offers an alert for a reduced price on a route sent to your email, includes flights from the smaller airlines (that are not on all the bigger comparative travel websites)
  • Unique website where you pick your location based on the type of trip you want to do! Examples are wine experiences, hiking, wildlife, adrenaline activities, etc. What a concept!
  • Everything you need at one website/app for a trip anywhere in the world. Plus it’s the only one selling train passes for Eurail and Interrail at this time.


  • Travelpro. We have used Travelpro for years, as it was an airline employee exclusive product for a long time. Now it’s available to everyone. Their luggage holds up really well with lots of travel and banging around which is why you see so many airline employees still choosing Travelpro.
  • Some of my favorite products: